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Wednesday Training Sessions

Just a quick notice that from this week until October – the DWR’ing weekly coached session will be held on Wednesday afternoons from 5.45-6.4pm at Beatty Park Pool, North Perth.

Wednesday Deep Water Running Perthket

Check it out!  Published in the Stadium Triathlon Club‘s weekly newsletter.  Thanks Stadium Tri Club!


By Jade Lane

There is always a surprised look on the triathlete’s face at the end of a ‘real’ Deep Water Running (DWR’ing) session.  Don’t assume that DWR’ing is solely designed for your Nana or injured people, a 60min session will leave you feeling that same running ‘euphoria’ as it would on land.

The water key to providing additional benefits to your running program; it allows your session to be low impact on your body, but on a very high resistance level.   The resistance provides 2 things; a tough training session (as your running gait no longer has a recovery phase) and a big plus of an increased awareness of exactly what your running form ‘feels’ like.

Buoyancy is an important factor in the differences between land and Water Running.  The decrease in gravity from water surroundings does a few interesting things.  Firstly, lowering the impact on your body, so no more sore feet, ankles, knees and hips when you‘re run has finished.   But, interestingly it also keeps your HR low, meaning you can recover faster.  This occurs from lower gravitational pull and with increased pressure on your limbs (similar to wearing a full body compress garment!) your heart doesn’t need to work as hard to return blood flow, which means shorter recovery periods, and feeling fresher after your session.

Does it sounds too good to be true? Possibly…  The downside with DWR’ing is that it isn’t all that exciting. With increased resistance you move slowly through the water and your motivation can quickly disappear.  That is why DWR’ing with a group of mates is good fun, you can catch up on the gossip, keep cool, and work hard all at the same time.  Try it out:  Wednesday 5.45pm – 6.45pm at Beatty Park Pool.

The key points on the basics of DWR’ing can be found at

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2 Tuesday’s Left

Just wanting to confirm that Deep Water Running will only be running on Tuesday for 2 more weeks.

We are moving to Wednesday from 5.45-6.45pm at Beatty Park Pool (North Perth).

So if you have been procrastinating and can only get along on Tuesday, you have better come along tomorrow!

Please keep spreading the word about Deep Water Running!




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Special Thursday 20th March, 2014 Lunch Time Session

Thursday session 20 marchRead all about the Thursday session here…

Bookings Essential – Phone or email to book, if you need to learn how to Deep Water Run and can’t make Tuesday’s session.

I’m also going to run a novice/injured runners course for the 4km HBF Run for a Reason.  The reason being to PROMOTE that you did your training with Deep Water Running!  It will be a combination of running on grass and running in the water, you’ll receive the program (and Shirt/Hat?*TBC).  You can complete the training solo or with me at the pool/park.  See the link above and RSVP.

Looking forward to seeing you poolside.





Jade running a session

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What is Deep Water Running?

It isn’t rocket science.

It is simply – running in water where your feet don’t touch the bottom.

Generally it is best to use a floatation belt and get someone to show you how.  But you should be able to find all the information  here.  If you have a question just leave a comment and just ask.

Here is what J. Glenn McWaters (author of Deep Water Exercise For Health and Fitness, 1988) has to say about it;

“Running in deep water while wearing a ‘Vest’ allows athletes to increase their speed and endurance.  Because they can simulate their running form precisely against the increased resistance of water, runners can improve their performance while reducing their time on the road or track.  Football, soccer and basketball players can work on agility drills and coordination…

Deep water exercises allow anyone recovering from an illness, injury or surgery to resume to normal activities much more quickly than conventional methods….

Overall fitness for just about anybody…  No special skills are required.”

Keep up to date with what I am doing each week with my athletes, by checking in regularly or like my Facebook page.

Have a go, and then spread the word that DEEP WATER RUNNING is good fun, and GOOD FOR YOU.

If you have any questions, just ask me…  Jade Lane

Jade running a session

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My Birthday Week

OMG!  Another YearWow it is my Birthday Week!

I’m definitely not getting any younger, but I am getting wiser…

The more I coach the more I learn about how important it is to keep your body in tip top condition.

So for my Birthday Week (yes I really do celebrate it all week long) I want you to come along to Training on Tuesday (4th March).  Let’s make it a big one, even with a LONG WEEKEND, you can find me poolside.

Hope you can make it too.


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Adding more to your Deep Water Running Regime

It isn’t often that I will get asked how does one increase their Heart Rate even more in a DWR’ing session.  But last week Danni did ask the question…

Tips to get an even HIGHER intensity workout in the water are described below, and should be used with caution, depending on what you are training for.  Just coming along to the coached DWR’ing session for most people is enough of a workout and we cover some of these tips already…

Increasing Your Heart Rate while DWR’ing:

  1. Increase your percieved effort through the interval.
  2. Make sure you are using your upper body correctly.
  3. Wear a rashie/shirt in the water.
  4. Try using a bungie and tie yourself to the end of the pool.
  5. Drag a friend around in the pool behind you (your kids will love tagging along in the water)!

Remember: ALWAYS take it at your own pace. From my experience, just trust that DWR’ing works…  and be conservative!

Here is someone else’s take on DWR’ing that I agree with…

The latest research on the effectiveness of aqua jogging and 3 scientifically supported tips to help you get the most out of your deep water running

Look forward to catching you Tuesday at 5.30pm.




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