About Deep Water Running and Me


My name is Mike Ferguson and this is the online home/finger-crossing website/authors pages for my completed, 87,000 word, adult urban fantasy novel, Deep Water Running … and related miscellany.

The way the story is supposed to go is a genie appears and rescues the mortal from potential doom or simple drudgery with the offer of three wishes. The mortal is not supposed to be called upon to rescue the genie. But that’s what happens to John Tilton. After he spends days suffering from wish anxiety and trying to come up with three can’t-miss wishes, John’s genie, Max, vanishes. All hell breaks loose (actually, Belial denies having anything to do with it) as the immortal realm expects John to find Max, the missing genie. With help from Max’s jinn girlfriend, a telepathic tiger the size of an elephant, a 100 year old monk, a demon who is the devil’s left hand, and a half-breed jinn who has been expecting him for 10 generations, John bounces around the planet under constant attack by an unknown enemy who wants to find Max first. John learns there is no God, there is only The Balance and The Math, but more importantly he discovers there are parts of himself he didn’t know existed, a version of himself he doesn’t really believe in until he finally uses his three wishes in a way not even his immortal companions could anticipate. Thank the Math.

After graduating with an MFA in 1998 from Saint Mary’s College of California, of course I went into the specialty coffee business, where I have been working in marketing and communications for 20 years.

Over that time my non-fiction has appeared in a variety of trade journals. In 2014, Sprudge.com, the world’s most widely read publication in the coffee industry, commissioned me to write a short story, the first fiction to ever appear on their site. They have since asked me to write and have published two additional short stories.


Cover art by Hilary K.

Note: As great as the art above is, it is unlikely it would be used for the cover in the event the book is ever published, but I love it and was very happy to use it on the PDF for beta readers and printed proofing copies of the book.

 Longer, less serious bio but with a photo.

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